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Posture Correction

What is Poor Posture?

My definition of poor posture is very simple.  Any habitual positioning that causes unnecessary strain on the body.   It can be caused by static stress such as slumping,  sitting long periods in front of a computer or studying, standing while performing repetitive tasks with the head down, repetitive awkward movements, and even poor sleeping positions.  However, evidence has shown that static sitting for long periods of time creates the largest postural stress on the body.  

What is Forward Head Posture and How can it negatively affect my Life?

The most common type of poor posture is called “Forward Head Posture” and is successfully treatable and preventable.  It is evident by the ears protruding forward past the level of the shoulders rather than being in line with the shoulders.  Patients often describe symptoms of extreme tension or tightness in the front of their necks, and pain and discomfort in the back of the skull and shoulders.  As “FHP” progresses over time the brain attempts to level the eyes by increasing the head tilt on the skull and causing major headaches and tension behind the eyeballs.  This is a sign that the condition has become chronic and more complicated.

Quick Facts About Forward Head Posture?

  • For every 1 inch your head moves forward your head gains 10lbs
  • Occurs in 70% to 90% of population
  • Can reduce lung capacity by up to 30%
  • Associated with tension headaches, eye and ear dysfunction, and mental disorders

Below is a list of Symptoms that may be Caused by Poor Posture

Head and Neck Pain
Shoulder and Arm Pain
Back Pain
Wrist and Carpal Tunnel Pain
Muscle Tension and Tightness
Muscle Weakness
Trouble Breathing
Jaw Pain
Throat Pain
Poor Sleep
Lack Coordination


Take Home Message For Everyone

Currently today, we now live in a society where we have constant postural challenges that are unavoidable.  It is my job to bring awareness of these perpetuating factors that lead to postural imbalances and ultimately CHRONIC PAIN.  In fact, we are now seeing evidence of a generation of young people who are developing chronic pain at a very early age.  This is highly due to their sedentary lifestyle, backpacks, video games, self esteem and appearance issues, and the increased dependency on computers and telephones.  Avoiding chronic pain is very preventable with the proper education, modification changes, chiropractic, massage therapy, and posture specific exercises.  

If you are concerned that your poor posture may lead to Long Term Chronic Pain for you or your family, please consult with Dr. Crosby and he will gladly address any concerns you may have and give you an honest assessment.  There is a Solution!

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