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Patient Reviews

Atlantic Chiropractic is awesome! Dr. Crosby has been wonderful working on my headaches and trying to give me some relief.  The massage therapist is also the  best in town!  Between the two of them working on my headaches, I'm in great hands and have never felt better!

C. Ward  Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Crosby is  a miracle worker!  I have had neck pain for 20 years and after my first visit, it was nearly gone!  I have also had lower back problems, and within the first few visits I am able to walk upright and get back to my daily exercise!  The office is always a pleasant environment to walk in to!

Dave Shilby   Jacksonville, FL

I think Atlantic Chiropractic rocks!  I have had arm pain for many years, and  it is  now gone due to  Dr. Crosby and staff!

W. Mirabella  Jacksonville, FL

I suffered from a stroke 2 years ago which left with extremely limited use of my right side.  My whole right side would feel like it was asleep, and the right side would freeze up.  After several acupuncture treatments with Dr. Crosby, then pain has already decreased by 75%!  Also the massage therapist was able to increase my mobility by about 90% as well!  It's great to be able to walk with increased mobility and complete daily tasks pain-free!

S. Gregory  Jacksonville, FL

I love Atlantic Chiropractic!  If it wasn't for Dr. Crosby and staff, I wouldn't be able to enjoy a pain free life!  Appointment times are always convenient, and if you have an emergency, they will always work you in.  Thank you Dr. Crosby and team for being awesome!

J. Jones  Atlantic Beach, FL